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Celebrate The Miracles

The Miracle Mosaic is a symbol of support from our community, featuring family, neighbors, and friends who remind us we’re all connected.

To honor our 100th anniversary, we invite you to upload your photo and help us celebrate the miracles we’ve achieved together.

Meet Our Featured Miracles

Our Featured Miracles have shared stories of hope, healing, and health at Jackson. These everyday heroes are showing their support by participating in the Miracle Mosaic, revealing that our community has not only been shaped by Jackson – it has also contributed to the miracles we’re celebrating today.

Join The Celebration

You’re only a few steps away from being a part of Jackson Health System's Miracle Mosaic!

To add your photo to the Miracle Mosaic:

Step 1. Start here to upload a picture from your device.

Step 2. Click on one of the six Jackson Miracle filters you wish to apply to the image.

Step 3. Save and submit your photo.

Step 4. You will receive an email confirmation if your photo is approved.

Step 5. Come back to the site and find your photo by typing your email into the search bar on this page.

Step 6. Show your support by sharing the image with your friends on social media.

Step 7. Share your photo using #100YearsOfJackson and follow our growing Miracle Mosaic community.

Jackson Miracle Filters

Show your support by selecting one of the six Jackson Miracle filters you want to use.

Miracle Worker

Physicians and staff that devote their life's work to healing and saving lives

Miracle Volunteer

Individuals who volunteer at Jackson

Miracle Supporter

Anyone that supports Jackson’s mission

Miracle Maker

Individuals who are dedicated to raising funds and awareness

Jackson Miracle

A patient who battled bravely and overcame obstacles at Jackson

Born At Jackson

Anyone that was born at Jackson

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